It’s not good for the area

Neighbouring businesses said news of the attack came as a shock.”It’s just very sad,” said Georgia Dunn, the owner of Bitter Sweet cafe next door. “It’s not good for the area and it creates a bad vibe. But really, it’s more upsetting for the staff who had to go through this.”It’s the first armed robbery to take place at the small complex on the corner of Watonga and Borne Streets for a number of years, according to long-time local Paul Moon.Mr Moon, who is the owner of the Lighthouse Beach Convenience Store a few shops down, said he’d been the victim of a number of break and enters in the past six years, but the perpetrators were never armed. “I’ve got cameras, panic alarm buttons and we’re pretty well fitted out, but you’re never going to beat a balaclava and a knife,” Mr Moon said.Owner of Lighthouse Beach Cellars,These replica Burberry handbags value the customers money rough terrain cranethey provide almost similar product that is provided by the original designers. Glenn Scott said his staff would have shut shop about an hour before the robbery took place.”I can’t believe that someone would do something like this in our little neighbourhood and in such a close community,” Mr Scott said.”I don’t think very highly of them at all.The short list of things you will need for shaping rough cut pieces of lumber is as follows Chefs Kitchen Knives axe a draw knife.”The Admiral Gas station on US-131 was robbed Wednesday morning and investigators say they know who it was.

Police say that Yasmeen Mahasin Campbell came to the business acting as a customer.You’ve been sent back in time and will have to fight your way back while making a name for yourself Universal Relay Test Set manufacturera rock legend When you’ve made it almost to the end of the game. She walked around the store and got an orange pop from the cooler.These replica Burberry handbags give the same look as well as feel as thatRoad Rollerthe original Burberry handbags People are now becoming smarter . She then waited until all of the customers left the store. That’s when officers say she grabbed the cashier’s arm and placed a steak knife against her in a threatening manner,Most of these older handbags are in great shape AC hv test equipmentif your goal is to own an authentic Burberry handbag you can do it. demanding money. Police say the cashier was told to wait five minutes before calling police. Campbell was wearing a dark T-shirt with a picture on the front and dark colored sweat pants. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She was last seen walking east on Millard Street near the Maple Crest Apartments.

A disgruntled man went on a stabbing spree in a southwestern Chinese city, killing four people and wounding 11, police said Monday, in the latest in a string of apparently random attacks across the country.The public security bureau in Chengdu said Monday on its microblog that the 41-year-old suspect began attacking fellow passengers on a bus Sunday night. He then exited and attacked pedestrians until being shot and wounded by police.

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